Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rhondle's 9/09 caches

Salmon Arm isn't considered a hotspot for geocaching. Not yet, anyhow. We have a reasonable number of geocaches considering the size of this town, but most of the caches that have been placed here just aren't all that unique, challenging or innovative.

But things are changing. Salmon Arm is a prime geocaching location, with the trans-Canada highway running through town and highway 97B connecting us to Vernon and Kelowna. Every year, thousands of tourists pass through town, many of them geocachers. With the sport of geocaching growing by leaps and bounds, the goal is to revolutionize geocaching in Salmon Arm during 2009 by placing a number of high-quality caches that leave a lasting impression with the geocachers travelling through here.

And the geocaching community here is expanding as well. KnightOrc & Catwoman have really got into the spirit of geocaching crossing 100 finds around April 5th. Kudos to them for placing a number of truly exceptional hides recently! Lode runner hasn't put out any caches this year yet, but we're definitely waiting to see what he comes up with. And we haven't heard any news from Stampcoin recently but we suspect he's working on something good!

We have committed ourselves to placing nine quality geocaches in and around Salmon Arm during 2009, hence the name. Of course, it takes a long time to plan and deploy a new geocache, so our goal is to place one geocache approximately every three to four weeks. If we succeed in deploying geocaches at this rate, we should be able to place approximately nine geocaches before the weather deteriorates and the geocaching season ends for the year.

It's not just us though, we can't do it on our own. This is really an open invitation to all geocachers in and around Salmon Arm. If you have an idea for a really great geocache, or better - two or three - then please join us in placing a few truly exceptional geocaches and help make Salmon Arm a real geocaching hotspot!

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