Monday, April 6, 2009

Summary for April 3rd - 6th 2009

As I'm just getting over a particularly nasty flu which hit me last Monday, we didn't end up doing much Geocaching this weekend. Well, we tried though.

On Saturday, despite still feeling pretty crummy, I was getting pretty desperate to enjoy the sudden onset of sunshine and warm weather... So with much effort, we packed the car and set out on an excursion to Kamloops.

I had preloaded our GPS and PDA with about 20 geocaches but only expected to pick up a few. But as we neared our first cache, I powered up the PDA to discover that the GPX file on the SD card was unreadable. Nonetheless, we still managed to find four of six we looked for that afternoon, one we weren't able to get simply because a ballgame was in progress at the location of the cache. The best cache of the day turned out to be "H2OK" (GC1GNNF); I was pretty pleased with myself for finding it in under a minute.. but this was only because I have seen similar caches before.

On Sunday, we took a quick drive to pick up a four straggling caches near us. These we hadn't been able to previously get for one reason or another, either due to muggles or the caches being missing... We finished off GC1HBA4 finally; we had discovered the formula the week before but the first waypoint of the final cache had gone missing. We picked up the last two Yankee Flats caches (GC1HRH7 and GC1HG9X) and then found GC1HFHH on the way home just to get it off the list (had looked for this one for quite awhile on the day it came out, but I didn't realize then that the coords were off by 30m)

Hopefully in the coming weeks everybody will be feeling better and we'll be able to mount a proper geocaching expedition soon.

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