Sunday, May 17, 2009

Geocaching Saturday

We took our friend Knightorc on a geocaching trip yesterday to Vernon, Oyama and Winfield to try and pick up a few scattered caches around those areas. Sometimes the really spread out caches are the hardest to get, simply because it takes so long just to get one.

We ended up visiting 22 caches in total, 11 of which we had already found ourselves. It was fun, but completely exhausing... we haven't done a geocaching trip like that in a very long time - at least 6 months. Our total sits at 426 now, and we're expecting to cross 500 caches in June.

We also have some plans to put out a couple more geocaches soon. Time has been tight lately but we have some ideas for more caches, and we gotta get them out there.

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