Saturday, July 18, 2009

GC1W1RZ - Gardom Lake

GC1W1RZ - Gardom Lake
Published: July 18th, 2009
Type: Letterbox
Cache #5 of 9 for 2009

The latest in our series of nine caches for this year is our first Letterbox Hybrid. This is a cache type that I have been wanting to place for a long time now, and we've finally done it!

For those of you new to letterboxing, here's a quick excerpt from the Letterboxing North America website:

"Someone hides a waterproof box somewhere (in a beautiful, interesting, or remote location) containing at least a logbook and a carved rubber stamp, and perhaps other goodies. The hider then usually writes directions to the box (called "clues" or "the map"), which can be straightforward, cryptic, or any degree in between. Often the clues involve map coordinates or compass bearings from landmarks, but they don't have to."

"In addition to the clue and any maps or tools needed to solve it, the hunter should carry at least a pencil, his personal rubber stamp, an inkpad, and his personal logbook. When the hunter successfully deciphers the clue and finds the box, he stamps the logbook in the box with his personal stamp, and stamps his personal logbook with the box's stamp. The box's logbook keeps a record of all its visitors, and the hunters keep a record of all the boxes they have found, in their personal logbooks."

So if this sounds exciting, make (or buy) a personal stamp and go get it!


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