Sunday, July 12, 2009

A weekend of caching

We found five caches on Saturday, four of them in Kamloops. We did 2 caches plus half of GCQEY7 with our friend KnightOrc and then completed the two-stage cache and got another on the way home. We got our first difficulty 5 cache as part of that trip.

Today three new caches were published in the nearby Blind Bay area so we hopped in the car in pursuit of a possible FTF (or three). However, we were beaten to the punch by gr8pix who happened to be passing through this are and saw the caches published on his blackberry. Navigating these trails with a stroller wasn't such a great idea; we got thoroughly exhausted pushing it around (mostly uphill it seemed) for nearly three hours!

We have also been planning out our remaining five caches for this year as part of our commitment of placing nine above-average caches during 2009 in and around Salmon Arm. Our plan has been to help "lead by example" in planning and placing above average caches in this area to hopefully attract geocachers who are searching for something different.

One of the biggest problems with geocaching is that the vast majority of caches placed are very similar; eg: a peanut butter jar, a lock-n-lock container, an ice cream pail, a magnetic keyholder, or a film canister - finding one of these now and then is all well and good, but when almost all of the caches you find are the same thing, over and over again, you start longing for something more interesting.

That's where our commitment comes in. Placing these unique and innovative geocaches takes a long time - much longer than the average cache - but we believe that it's worth it in the end. Hopefully in time, more geocachers in Salmon Arm and this area in general will help us on our quest and change geocaching in the Shuswap area from being just another swath of plain ol' geocaches to a real geocaching destination; actually something that could potentially attract visitors from around the world.

So if you're planning to put out a cache in this area - great! But please, consider helping us achieve this goal. Each and every cacher has the potential to devise unique caches that have never been seen before, and every one counts!

Oh and just in case you're curious about these caches, there are two bookmark lists that you should check out: Shuswap's Best Caches and Rhondle's 9/09 caches.

Cache on!

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