Monday, September 21, 2009

GC1XYPX - Bluesky - Park Hill

GC1XYPX - Bluesky - Park Hill
Published: September 21st, 2009 (First day of Autumn!)
Type: Mystery
Cache #7 of 9 for 2009

We were asked to participate in the BC Parks - Project Blue Sky (now also known as Geo-Trek 2009) project by placing one of their geocaches in Salmon Arm. Also participating in this area was KnightOrc & Catwoman, Shuswap Ed and Kano Kuple.

There were three unactivated Project Blue Sky geocoins in the cache for the FTF, 2TF and 3TF, as well as a whole bunch of awesome swag. I'm glad the Project Blue Sky folks used their government grant money to provide some fully loaded and excellent caches, swag items and 300+ high quality trackable geocoins instead of just paying themselves a salary.

Despite getting a government grant - the concept of which rubs me (and a lot of other geocachers) the wrong way - at least they made a really solid effort in contributing significantly to geocaching. It's a shame that all of the caches were the same size and most were released as traditionals. The option of releasing them as something other than a traditional cache was never discussed, so three of us took the liberty of releasing the Blue Sky caches as something else. There were two Mystery caches - one of them is this one - and one Multi, released by KnightOrc & Catwoman)

There was quite a bit of delay in having these caches released; the caches were originally supposed to be released back in August but the release date eventually got pushed to the 21st of September. We were anxiously awaiting the caches to be released in the hopes that we would be able to score a FTF on one.. and sure enough, KnightOrc & Catwoman's cache wasn't too far away and we headed out to try and find it. After hours of traipsing through the woods at night, we finally signed the log and wearily made our way home. But that's a story for another blog entry.

Kudos to Stampcoin, lwong, KnightOrc & Catwoman for solving the puzzle and scoring a find on the cache so far! Well done everyone! Enjoy those coins!

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