Monday, October 19, 2009

GC1W4YD - Salmon Arm Challenge

GC1W4YD - Salmon Arm Challenge
Published: October 19th, 2009
Type: Mystery
Cache #8 of 9 for 2009

I had the idea for this cache back in July, but a string of events (yes, mostly geocaching) kept me preoccupied and I didn't get around to releasing this cache until now.

The idea is a pretty simple one actually - collect a series of codes from caches around Salmon Arm, and then type them into a web form to retrieve the final cache's coordinates. Originally this cache was going to include all of my favourite caches here in Salmon Arm, but unfortunately, many of those are micros and the cards I had made up won't fit. So instead I changed the cache's theme to be a quick tour of Salmon Arm, since it literally takes you from one end of Salmon Arm to the other.

This cache is intentionally very easy. However, the final cache is hidden in a location where the accuracy of the GPS is heavily degraded due to tree cover. I did add a hint after the FTF was taken, but if folks have trouble locating the final cache, I will add a better hint.

I'm still working on the next cache of the 9/09 series... but nothing is finalized yet =)

Cache on!

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