Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winter is just around the corner....

As the year counts down to a close, and with the weather on a rapid decline, the opportunities for geocaching become fewer and more challenging. Road conditions, inclimate weather and limited daylight severely impact any geocaching opportunities.

On November 11th, we realized that the weather was particularly nice and being a holiday, we decided to step out for the afternoon and grab a few caches. We were finding caches at a remarkable rate and in under two hours we had collected 12 geocaches. With daylight all but gone, we reluctantly wrapped up our trip, but the next week we stepped out and picked up a few more caches.. Unfortunately, with the nearest unfound geocaches a good distance away, a considerable drive is in order, so we have been concentrating on picking up the "stragglers" - the caches which take some degree of effort to get to, and no others nearby.

On our latest geocaching trip, we pulled into a church in Armstrong, and after looking for the cache for a good while, gave up and went back to the car for a hint... only to discover that we had left our lights on. While we were waiting for BCAA to give us a jump, we had ample time to find the cache. Sadly the delay seriously cut into our remaining daylight, cutting our excursion short.

With snow expected very soon, we aren't planning any more geocaching trips this year. It's time to stay indoors, and start planning out some new geocaches for next year. Oh and I guess the 9th of our '09 series...

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  1. Early darkness can be a bummer. I carry a headlamp and cache after dark. We have an event here in the fall called BFL Bootcamp for an evening of caches designed to be done at night. We had a blast this year.

    You can read a review of that event here: