Thursday, December 31, 2009

Looking back on 2009

With Christmas past we are now counting down the final days of the year, and with it we have posted our 9th and final cache of 2009 - A Mighty Wind (GC229XY) - named for it's close proximity to a "certain" building. Although this geocache isn't the one we had planned to put out for our 9th and final 9/09 cache, with the year nearly over and the temperatures low enough to frighten most Canadians off to a warm beach somewhere in the tropics we decided we had no choice but to resort to Plan B and put out our backup cache before we ran out of time.

2009 In Review

The year started off fairly well, an extensive geocaching adventure during November/December in Australia had left us full of ideas and it was tough sitting out the winter waiting for spring to finally come around. With snow still on the ground we spent an evening setting up Twilight Trails - Salmon Arm's first (and currently only) night cache - to kick off the geocaching season.

We put out one cache during April, May and June respectively. My favourite so far was Brain Drain (GC1QV50), which was put out to compete in the BCGA 2009 Cache Blitz. This gem was built for us by Jo's dad (Fred6603) during our visit with them in Australia and has caused a great deal of exasperation to those who have dared to go find it!

As the summer hit we found ourselves embarking on a number of geocaching adventures to various destinations, including Revelstoke, Golden, Vernon, Lumby, Kelowna, Kamloops, Summerland, Penticton, Nakusp and Calgary. In amongst all of our travelling we also somehow managed to put out three more geocaches during the month of July: Gardom Lake (GC1W1RZ) (Salmon Arm's first Letterbox Hybrid geocache), Sudoku Style (GC1W33E), and Salmon Arm Challenge (GC1W4YD).

Our next cache, Bluesky - Park Hill (GC1XYPX) was put out on August 29th as part of the Blue Sky initiative (Project BlueSky), which also provided us with a Project BlueSky geocoin, which you can discover if you bump into us at an event. Putting out this particular cache left us with some interesting memories - Salmon Arm had one of its more severe fire seasons this year, and I will never forget covering our faces to block out the thick smoke while we hiked up the trail enroute to put out this cache. Due to the heavy smoke we didn't end up putting it as far down the trail as we would have liked, but I still think the cache is hidden in a decent spot nonetheless.

After this we slipped into a bit of a geocaching lull; and with only one 9/09 cache remaining to put out for the year we opted to devote our time to reaching our milestone of 600 finds which we achieved on November 7th at Alphabet Soup - BC Style (GC1YBVV) during a geocaching trip to Kelowna.

Milestones for 2009

First webcam cache! (GC8760)

First CITO event! (GC1XTF8)

Oldest cache so far - Treehugger (GC1DD)

19 FTF's

308 finds (giving us a grand total of 629)

What's Cooking for 2010

I have been working hard for the past three months on a cache series which I am hoping to put out during the first part of 2010. It takes a lot of work and time to plan and put out a series, but I'm hoping that the first couple of caches will be ready sometime in January (fingers crossed...)

Jo's parents will be visiting from Australia in May which will undoubtedly lead to some pretty exciting geocaching adventures; there's really no plans yet but we have some ideas of course.

We are thinking about attending Geowoodstock VIII (GC1QM7K) Mega Event in Washington state next Summer. Normally travelling to the US is a bit of an ordeal, so we try and avoid it. But with a Geowoodstock right on our doorstep, we'll never have another opportunity to attempt to attend one so easily, so we have been putting some serious thought into attending that event.

We should easily reach 750 caches next year, but most traditional caches are starting to lose their appeal so we are going to prefer non-traditional caches during 2010. After all, geocaching is about the adventure and not a number.

Happy new year, and Cache On!

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  1. I'll be sure to join you for a mega!
    Looking forward to the 2010 caches!