Sunday, January 24, 2010

Our first find of 2010 - and it was a FTF!

With the start of 2010 comes a new geocaching season and with it the excitement and anticipation of the adventures that will undoubtedly follow.

Only 10 days into the new year and we received our first opportunity for a FTF. We received the notification that a new cache Shuswap - Sicamous Multi/Puzzle (GC22P24) had been published. Our log summarizes the adventure:

This cache was an unusual experience for us. We received the notification about this cache being published on January 10th, and went about solving the puzzle. With the coordinates in hand, we jumped into the car and made the 20 minute dash from Salmon Arm to Sicamous hoping to be the FTF. We found stage 1 without too much difficulty, but there wasn't any information in it about how to find stage 2. Puzzled, we signed our name on a slip of paper, and returned to the car.

After deciphering the hint and thinking like a geocacher, we formulated an idea. A few minutes of searching (and slipping on ice) paid off for us and we struck paydirt. With the cache finally in hand we signed the log and set off for home - hungry and a bit puzzled.

But the story gets stranger. Upon returning home we discovered this cache was no longer published, and thus we were unable to log our find. A quick email to the C/O revealed that the reviewer had made a mistake and prematurely published this cache, and a short while later had "un-published" it.

So here we are logging this find long after actually physically finding it. Fortunately this is January and we haven't been doing much caching; we postponed logging any of our recent finds until this cache was officially published so we can log them in the correct sequence.

Without the coordinates to the final stage, this cache proved to be a bit more challenging than we had expected. It was, however, a good exercise in thinking outside of the box. TNLN. TFTH!

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