Saturday, March 27, 2010

Find #700!

Since the weather was nice and we needed a break, we made a quick trip out to Vernon to pick up our find #700: A Hole in One (GC2542M). We didn't have a cache chosen for this milestone, so we just decided to see what would happen.

As it turns out we picked up two caches (#698 and #699) in Armstrong on our way down, and as pulled up to what would be find #700 there was a car parked directly at that location so we assumed, well, it had to be geocachers. Sure enough, it turned out to be Nenners and the better half of team Pro & Cras Tin8.

After we had found the cache and signed the log, the groundskeeper from the adjacent golf course came by to see what we were up to and to warn us about flying golf balls. Fortunately he was busy and didn't pay attention to us while the cache was being re-hid.

We've bought a house how and with our move pending we don't expect to do a lot of geocaching during April, but fortunately we hope to make that up as we have several large geocaching trips planned for this year, including two in May, and at least two in June, as well as at least one each in July and August.

The plan is to get another 298 caches to make it to our big 1000 milestone this year. It's been slow finding caches lately since we've basically totally exhausted our area.

Cache on!

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