Sunday, March 21, 2010

GeoStomp 2010

Kodos to Coulior for hosting yet another highly successful GeoStomp event!

I was joined by Stampcoin and KnightOrc for this excursion.

We hit the road early - as Kamloops is a hefty drive from Salmon Arm - and made it to the event only a few minutes late, which was compounded by us having to wait for a train when we were just around the corner.

When we arrived, we were surprised how many attendees there were at the event - we barely made it in the door! After a brief introduction to the caches by Couloir we were on our way.

We began by doing a coffee run - which was fortunate as there was a new cache right there! After grabbbing a couple more caches nearby, we worked our way over to the south side of the highway where we stayed for most of the day caching. This was an area that none of us had cached much which was fortunate; we just went from cache to cache which included both new as well as a great deal of legacy caches.

After a quick stop for lunch we continued caching on the north shore of Kamloops, but before too long we ran out of time and had to return for the wrap-up meeting.

I was fortunate in being picked 2nd in the prize draw, and as as such I was rewarded with a ready to go geocache which included a trackable tag. I believe Rokman4 donated this - Thanks!!

After the wrap-up we continued geocaching, snagging quite a few more caches until it was just too dark to continue and decided to head for home.

In all we found 28 geocaches (22 traditionals and 6 multi's) plus the event, not to mention quite a few trackables.

This puts us at a grand total of 697 caches, setting us up for the big 700 on our next geocaching excursion!

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