Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in review

We did remarkably well, considering that we placed a low emphasis on geocaching this year. Not only did we attend the Best of the Bad mega event in Three Hills, AB, Jeremy Irish, we also attended our first GPS Adventure Maze Exhibit, hosted our own "large" event (with Stampcoin and KnightOrc & Catwoman, plus many generous volunteers and contributors) and reached our new personal daily record of 70 geocaches in a single day.

* Geocached in two new states: Idaho and Montana
* Helped to host the first Mass Cache Dash event, Salmon Arm, BC
* Best of the Bad event in Three Hills, AB
* 70 caches in one day!
* Over 130 caches in one week
* We reached 60 FTFs on Dec 22nd
* 8 FTFs in 2011 (including 2 in Nov and 2 in Dec)

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