Thursday, August 1, 2013

80 FTFs in one day

Well, today (Aug 1) we awoke to discover a whole bunch of geocaching alerts in our inbox, letting us know that 81 geocaches had been published in a power trail in north Wagga Wagga. Needless to say, we were pretty intent on scoring FTFs on these caches so we dropped everything and bounded out the door with some snacks, two GPSs, and a full tank of fuel.

We found the first cache at 7:15am, and continued along the trail at an average rate of 20 per hour, finding the last cache at 12:15pm and collecting the hard-won FTF prize: A geotriad geocoin. Having completed the actual "geotriad" last summer with our visit to the original stash plaque, this triad tribute seemed like a fitting recap of our adventures that took us to the three official triad locations in WA and OR over a few years, and shortly before the APE cache there was archived.

So, with 148 FTFs under our belt and 1590 finds, we have boosted our FTF ratio to 9.3% - close to the 10% mark, which I hear is pretty tough to achieve.

FTF on, you crazy cachers!

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